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5G for cooperative & connected automated MOBIlity on X-border corridors


Specification of 5G network architecture & technologies

The 5G architecture and technologies for CCAM specifications – in M09 will describe the reference 5G architecture and the dedicated 5G technologies relating to the deployment of advanced CCAM use case.

Initial evaluation KPIs and metrics

The Initial evaluation KPIs and metrics in M12 will present the initial KPIs and relevant metrics to be used for the evaluation, including those resulting from the specification activities

Specification of roadside infrastructure to support CCAM

The Specification of the infrastructure for 5G augmented CCAM – in M12, will specify the architecture and the components, as well as their interaction with the vehicle to execute the CCAM use cases

Evaluation methodology and plan

The Evaluation methodology and plan in M13 will describe the framework and methodology about all the evaluation activities.

5G-enabled CCAM use cases specifications

The 5G-enabled CCAM use cases and evaluation reference specifications will detail the CCAM use cases and proposing an initial set of KPIs for the evaluation

Communication strategy and plan

The Communication strategy and plan in M03 will include the target groups for dissemination, the channels and the planned activities

Specification of connected and automated vehicles

The 5G augmented vehicle specifications in M12 will provide the detailed specification of vehicle enhancement using enhanced 5G connectivity for implementing the advanced CCAM use cases

Interim data management plan

Interim data management plan – in M18 will provide an update of the data that will be shared by the project and define the data repository

Initial data management plan

Data management plan – in M06 will provide an ORDP report with a complete set of guidelines including the description of the data and data management tools for accessing and using the 5G-MOBIX data for research purposes

Project communication identity and website

The Project communication identity and website in M04 will produce the project communication identity (logos, posters, leaflets, templates) and website


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5G for cross-border and urban connected and automated mobility. The 5G-MOBIX project

Author(s): Francois Fischer
Published in: 2019

5G Trials for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility along European 5G Cross-Border Corridors - Challenges and Opportunities

Author(s): Trichias Konstantinos, Fernández Barciela Antonio, Heider-Aviet Andreas
Published in: 2020