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digital iNtegrAteD system for the socIal support of migraNts and refugEes


Data shippers and data lake creation

Tools for data collection and storage

First version Migrants and Hosts categorization

Migrants categorization by their social needs and skills, and Hosts categorization based on their available infrastructure and services, and the specific labour needs.

Annual periodic report on Knowledge and innovation management - M12

Living document summarizing issues on knowledge management (incl IPR), and innovation management approaches and practices throughout the project.

First version of an analysis of the list of skills for algorithms training

Report on analysis on skill assessment related collected data.

Project reference manual and quality plan

Project reference manual including overview of internal procedures, management guidelines and a detailed quality and risk management plan.

Legal and Ethical Requirements

This deliverable will define all the legal and ethical requirements of NADINE platform and contain the templates that will be used for information documents destined to participants, including the individuals unable to read, as well as for the collection of the informed consent of the participants

First version of existing skill assessment procedures mapping

Report on existing skills assessment procedures form migrants in the EU, lessons and ideas how NADINE can contribute to better skills assessment in the EU.

First report on dissemination and community building activities

This deliverable will provide in detail NADINE actions on community building as well as its activities towards the dissemination and exploitation of its results and the coordination of joint and individual exploitation efforts.

First Year Policy Brief

This deliverable will contain project recommendations towards migrant policy makers and will include the results of policy roundtables organised in T10.2

Project Communication and Dissemination Plan

This deliverable will provide the detailed dissemination and communication plan along with the NADINE web site.

First version of Legal and Ethical monitoring

This deliverable will monitor all defined legal and ethical requirements of NADINE platform.

Pilots planning and evaluation strategy

In this document the pilots’ plan for all three use cases will be created for all 3 distinct phases of each pilot and the evaluation strategy will be documented.

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