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Support to the Realisation of the Ocean Energy Implementation Plan of the SET-Plan


Financial requirements for SET PLAN

The deliverable will review and refine estimate of the financial requirements needed to deliver each SET-Plan IP action (in-line with Action 2.1). Methods of reducing the financial risk of ocean energy farms will also be assessed, including the de-risking support mechanisms and the provision of warranties

Metrics for OE Sector

The deliverable will define metrics to monitor the progress of wave and tidal energy activities, specifically to monitor the progress of the SET-Plan IP actions.

Report on 1st Dissemination Workshop

Report on 1st Dissemination workshop

Publication and Promotion of First Annual Report

The deliverable is a public version of the OceanSET Annual Report, which will be distributed, and promoted to stakeholders.

Report on Knowledge sharing workshop

The deliverable will document the minutes and actions from each knowledge sharing workshop.

Project data management Plan

Project Data Management Plan

Report on 2nd Knowledge Sharing Workshop

Report on 2nd Knowledge Sharing Workshop

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