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Development of a new non-destructive method for analysis of the atmospheric corrosion and corrosion protection of copper and copper alloys

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Protection for historic copper artefacts

Using the basis of photoacoustic (PAS) and photothermal deflection spectroscopies (PTDS), a project has developed equipment for the non-destructive analysis of copper and copper-based products.

Climate Change and Environment

It has been possible to identify different copper sulphate species as well as their combinations on complex patina surfaces, detect their layering and measure layer thickness in the µm to the mm range. Used regularly, this simple method will detect alterations in the structure and chemical composition of copper artefacts at risk, allowing signs of deterioration to be discovered and treated at early stage. Particularly useful for this type of work has been the development of a miniature version of the equipment, meaning that it could be used in situ for fieldwork, powered by battery. The PAS and PTDS equipment was successfully tested on both artificially generated and real copper and copper-based samples. To enable the equipment to be used on wider applications in the field, battery operated electronics need to be developed and the PAS/PTDS sensors adapted to fit rough surfaces. The equipment is ready for demonstration.

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