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The Brussels Innovation Relay Centre, the IRC of the capital of Europe

The Brussels Innovation Relay Centre, the IRC of the capital of Europe


Being the first economic pole in Belgium and having the first productivity rate in scientific discipline in Europe, the Brussels region has to meet the challenge to transform this extraordinary potential in both market innovation and business. It is import ant that all key actors have their eyes lodged on the internationalisation of their activities and therefore transnational technology transfers remains an essential component of this phenomenon. BIRC for Europe is a unique organisation offering reliable a nd proactive services not only to regional economic and academic players but as well to similar organisations in Europe. Resting on a strong host organisation with key sectorial expertise, the IRC will operate nevertheless as a distinct entity. In order to obtain ambitious quantitative and qualitative results, and tabling on a 10 years expertise as Value Relay Centre and IRC in Brussels, the IRC will use all resources available inside the host organisation and fully exploit the network tools and activitie s (active participation in the thematic groups, professional use of the BBS, specific collaboration with IRCs from member states and candidate countries, etc.). As such, the IRC expects to participate in 34 events, to achieve 22 technology transfer agreem ents, and to assist at least 250 clients covering the entire regional fabric. Special attention will be given to academic players in order to help them in their valorisation process and offering them full access to the entire IRC network. Concerned with the quality of the services rendered, the IRC will develop and share with other IRCs tools and methodologies that have proven to be best practice that could be adopted by the whole network. The IRC activities will be assessed by a board of advisors made o f local clients and the new strategy will include a charging policy based on the principle of a loyalty contract signed with selected clients in order to diversify the sources of income.

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Jacques EVRARD (Mr)

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Grant agreement ID: 510492

  • Start date

    13 April 2004

  • End date

    3 April 2008

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  • Overall budget:

    € 1 722 633

  • EU contribution

    € 795 075

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