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Leading European RTD Sustained High Value Innovative Production for Manufuture

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Roadmaps for manufacturing lead to sustainability

Innovation and sustainability were placed at the heart of European manufacturing policy thanks to an EU-funded research initiative.

Climate Change and Environment

The aim of the 'Leading European RTD sustained high value innovative production for manufuture' (Leadership) project was to support industry and policymakers in the transition of the European manufacturing sector to a sustainable and competitive knowledge-based economy. The consortium used research and technology development (RTD) roadmaps to manage innovation within EU manufacturing. Results were used to help develop the ManuFuture RTD strategic areas for major European industrial sectors. Project partners used a demand-driven approach to develop implementation plans for a ManuFuture best practice system, collecting information from questionnaires, workshops and seminars. Each roadmap was planned over a nine-year time scale. Researchers also conducted an industry survey outlining the expectations of opinion makers from 125 companies and from sectoral roadmaps of the 25 manufacturing sectors of the Leadership project. The Leadership website was also an essential tool for cooperative working and played a major role in the project’s success. It was used as a repository of materials and for roadmapping, as well as for work package and project management. Project findings were disseminated through events such as roadmap meetings, consultation workshops, seminars and conferences. Roadmaps developed under the auspices of the Leadership project enable the European manufacturing sector to enjoy the benefits of increased innovation. In addition, the initiative helps the EU promote sustainability in industry and honour its commitment to the environment.

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