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Our regular magazine highlights the most promising project outcomes in a range of domains, with a focus on a particular theme in every issue

Following the European Commission's decision to discontinue the Research*eu magazine, issue #108 'The farms of the future' published in January 2022 is the last edition of the magazine.

For the past ten years, Research*eu has chronicled the most interesting, innovative and important EU-funded research projects carried out across the world.

Although the magazine has closed, the online and PDF versions of all past issues remain accessible on CORDIS and print copies can still be ordered.

NO. 108 DECEMBER 2021 / JANUARY 2022 Special feature The farms of the future – it’s all about precision

For the better part of a century, Europe’s farming system has been geared toward providing a reliable supply of affordable food. Yet success in this area has come at a significant environmental cost, and there is a growing recognition that trying to compete with cheaper imports will only encourage a race to the bottom. How we grow food in Europe will change, and must change to ensure a sustainable future.

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