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CORDIS - EU research results

These collections of up-to-date articles focus on a specific theme for specialised audiences; they are available online and as print brochures. They are produced in close collaboration with European Commission services and often support policy initiatives and events.

They include:

  • Projects Info Packs – Selections of projects in their early stages
  • Results Packs – Selections of results, from finished or nearly completed projects, that you can apply in your domain.

Our magazine, now discontinued, highlighted the most promising project outcomes in a range of domains, with a focus on a particular theme in every issue. You can still download or order each issue. Research*eu was mostly based on Results in Brief and News articles but also included project interviews, an agenda of events, a project of the month and caught up with projects featured in the past.

These articles summarise the main outcomes at the end of each selected project, explaining the project's achievements and shining a spotlight on the next steps. They are written by CORDIS science writers in collaboration with project participants and involving the EC project officer as needed.

Starting with Horizon 2020, projects inform the European Commission of their open access publications, which are then listed on CORDIS. These can be peer reviewed articles, conference proceedings, thesis dissertations, book chapters or monographic books. Links to FP7 publications are retrieved on the fly from OpenAIRE on the project factsheets.

Projects are at the heart of the CORDIS repository and contain the public information from the grant agreements once they have been signed (objectives, dates, programme, call, funding amounts, participants, etc). CORDIS stores project information from all the EU research framework programmes, from FP1 until Horizon 2020.

For Horizon 2020 projects, CORDIS publishes links to the project's public deliverables (or documents describing them) after they have been approved by the EC project officer. The deliverables are classified by type: document or report; websites, patent fillings, videos etc; demonstrator, pilot, prototype; Open Research Data Pilot; ethics requirements.

For each reporting period in a project's lifecycle, the participants submit a periodic or final publishable summary on the project's context, progress, work performed, main results so far and expected impact. Once approved by the EC project officer, the summary is published on CORDIS as a Report Summary.

Our daily news articles provide topical updates from ongoing projects. They are based on media reports or project announcements and are classified as scientific breakthroughs, new products and technologies or policy recommendations.

Projects are implemented on the basis of framework programmes, work programmes and topics.