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Catalytic Processes for Innovative Technology Applications

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Coordinating innovation in chemistry

An EU-wide research coordination effort is yielding new technologies and insights into the lucrative and important chemical industry.

Industrial Technologies

Catalytic processes, in which the speed of a reaction is increased by a reusable catalyst, are vital to the success of the modern chemical industry. As such, catalysis is the subject of intensive research and development in the quest for more sustainable and productive chemical synthesis. The EU-funded CAPITA (Catalytic processes for innovative technology applications) network was initiated to establish EU-wide industry-university cooperation in catalytic process technology for chemicals, materials and energy. CAPITA began by mapping and coordinating national research priorities in catalysis research across the EU. From this process, researchers created a roadmap for the future of EU catalysis research. The project completed a joint multinational call for project proposals in this important field. Finally, researchers developed a number of training courses, which can be implemented to improve the skills of catalysis researchers in the EU. The outcomes of CAPITA will improve resource efficiency and energy saving through guided innovation in the important field of catalytic process research.


Chemical industry, catalytic processes, catalysis, catalysis research

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