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A common EU vision for a healthy diet and better health by 2030

Thanks to a new European Joint Programming Initiative, in the fields of food, nutrition and health, we are making significant steps to ensure a healthy diet and an improved lifestyle for all Europeans by 2030.


A healthy diet and the proper amount of physical activity are key to health and quality of life in an ageing EU population. In 2010, a voluntary partnership between more than 20 Member States and beyond was established to address this societal challenge. This partnership is a so-called Joint Programming Initiative known as A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL). The EU-funded HDHL CSA (A healthy diet for a healthy life – Coordination Action) project set out to support JPI HDHL's development and implementation. A governance structure for JPI HDHL was established during the first phase of the project. A common Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) was also finalised, implemented and updated to tackle major societal challenges that no country is capable of addressing on its own. It identified three major research areas: determinants of diet and physical activity; diet and food production; and diet-related chronic diseases. For each area, the SRA outlines key initiatives and research challenges until 2019. Furthermore an Implementation Plan is produced that details how the JPI HDHL will achieve the short-term goals (2012-2014) put forward in the SRA. It also presented a roadmap for 2014-2015 produced. The HDHL CSA team produced a series of strategic reports and guidelines. This includes a communication strategy, two reports on foresight activities, and guidelines on financial procedures, peer review practices, intellectual property rights, open access and knowledge sharing. Seven joint actions established a strong knowledge-base for policy at national, EU and international levels. In addition, several strategic dissemination activities were held, including three international conferences, a conference for funding bodies, two high-level events with related initiatives and workshops. Though ambitious, the HDHL CSA has made great strides in achieving its ultimate goal (by 2030) which is nothing less than for all Europeans to consume a healthy diet, exercise and have a significantly decreased incidence of diet-related disease.


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