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MEMS gyrometer for wing behaviour measurement

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High-performance multi-purpose gyroscope

The Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft (SFWA) is among the many new designs slated to make air transport significantly greener in the near future. Patented technology to monitor wing position that meets all SFWA requirements will help the design take flight.

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Keeping track of the wing position along one, two or all three axes, the gyroscope is critical to monitoring and control. Although many gyroscopes on the market met technical specifications, none delivered the appropriate cost, size, weight, power consumption or reliability. The project 'MEMS gyrometer for wing behaviour measurement' (CS-GYRO) improved the coordinator's existing silicon microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based gyroscope to meet SFWA and Clean Sky requirements. The STIM210-B gyroscope is now available on the market. It is actually a cluster of three MEMS-based gyros that can be configured in any desired axes configurations. Each axis is factory-calibrated for high-accuracy measurements over the specified temperature range. The gyroscope runs off a simple, single 5 V power supply. All configurable parameters of the microcontroller can be set when ordered or by the customer after the fact. Measurement data is transmitted at intervals specified by the sample rate and contains fault detection information that flags detected errors for enhanced reliability. The gyro can also be set to output commands and responses in high-level language for easy interpretation. CS-GYRO has proven the readiness of its gyroscope for use on the SFWA so production lines can start ramping up. The patented STIM210 MEMS technology stands apart from others that focus on consumer and automotive applications, yet still has a broad market outside of avionics. Defence applications on land, at sea and in the air represent the biggest commercial potential. Surveying and navigation equipment as well as motion trackers on emergency first responders or precision robots also stand to benefit.


Gyroscope, Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft, air transport, wing position, power consumption, gyrometer, wing behaviour, microelectromechanical system, MEMS

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24 January 2023