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high fidelity Presence and Interaction: convergence of computer graphics, vision and robotics for improving human-robot and human-computer interaction

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More realistic virtual characters

An EU team extended and consolidated key mathematical techniques for improving the realism of computer-generated characters. In addition, the partnership devised means of improving computer capacities to interpret and respond to human movement.

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The simulated characters populating virtual worlds, for example in training scenarios, are often unrealistic and unbelievable. Achieving realism (known as 'presence') requires several key advanced graphics technologies. With EU funding, the project HIFI-PRINTER aimed to unite essential high-fidelity presence technologies, to make computer-generated characters more lifelike and believable. The single-member project ran between April 2011 and March 2014, and was administered under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) as part of the Marie Curie Action programme. Project researchers studied a novel framework, based on geometric algebra, allowing real-time simulation. Unlike previous disjointed techniques, the new method unifies and smoothes various simulation technologies. The project team also investigated options for allowing virtual characters to detect, interpret and appropriately respond to human movement, such as hand gestures or expressions. Researchers received training in the latest methods of making such processes explicit, and the opportunity to apply the concepts in practice. Project research yielded several significant publications, including conference presentations, a book chapter and an edited book. HIFI-PRINTER investigated unifying key methods of adding realism to computer-generated characters. The study also involved methods for allowing simulated characters to interpret human movement.


Virtual characters, human movement, realism, presence, high-fidelity

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