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Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale multinational disaster response actions

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Improved interoperability for an effective large-scale crises management

During major disasters, local response teams often require the support of units from abroad. The EU research project IDIRA designed solutions to facilitate cooperation and coordination between stakeholders involved.

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Thanks to EU funding, the IDIRA (Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale multinational disaster response actions) project created a set of tools and interfaces to improve the coordination and information sharing between field units and control centres. The system supports information exchange between various sources such as: sensors (e.g. climate information), legacy command and control systems, public data sources, external simulation tools (e.g. evacuation simulation) and domain specific systems (e.g. Missing Person Tracing). Apart from improving the situational awareness by a common operational picture, IDIRA contributes to a more effective management of response actions by innovative decision support tools. All developed solutions were assessed on their potential to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Following small-scale trials and training, the system was deployed and successfully demonstrated in three large-scale field exercises involving pandemic, flood, earthquake and fire scenarios. By developing novel technologies and procedures that will enhance communication, collaboration and decision support during disaster response actions, IDIRA technology contributes to preventing further loss of life and helps to stabilise the affected population sooner.


Interoperability, crises, crises management, disaster response, IDIRA, common operational picture, situational awareness, European Civil Protection Mechanism

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