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Innovative tools for better social media marketing

Social media has become an integral part of marketing strategies, but current tools for monitoring and analysis are proving ineffective in measuring campaign impact and return on investment. An EU initiative has created technology to improve the efficiency of social media campaigns.

Digital Economy

Social networks produce hundreds of millions of posts every day. This overwhelming flow of online activity is becoming increasingly difficult to measure, leading to poorly defined strategies and unsuccessful marketing campaigns. New monitoring solutions are needed to sort through information spread across multiple social networks. To tackle such pressing social media marketing challenges, the EU-funded OPTIMIZR (Online analysis tool for the optimization of social media campaigns) project aimed at understanding social network structure and its impact on information spreading. Project partners developed a novel tool and campaign optimisation system to enhance the efficiency and maximise the impact of social media marketing campaigns for products, services and brands targeted at customers. After identifying end-user requirements, the system specifications and architecture were defined. The technology works by analysing the transmission of content-based information and the structure of popular social network services. This helps to reveal who the influencers are in a given space, determine the most optimal online communities for a targeted campaign and forecast the potential impact on social networks. Benchmarks can then be created to measure the efficiency of an online marketing campaign and monitor its performance. OPTIMIZR technology can help revolutionise social network analysis, enabling the marketing industry to carry out effective online marketing activities and to spend wisely on internet advertising. By encouraging digital entrepreneurship, this project will also help support the EC’s Digital Agenda for Europe.


Social media, marketing, OPTIMIZR, marketing campaigns, content-based information, social network services

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