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Linked Open Data for environment protection in Smart Regions

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Open environmental data coordinated and published

A research collaboration in Europe has collected, curated and made accessible a wide range of environmental data. The researchers hope that this resource will stimulate economic development and innovation.

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The Linked Open Data (LOD) strategy is providing high-quality data to all sectors of Europe. However, there is a need to include more environmental data, especially that generated by public bodies. The EU-funded SMARTOPENDATA (Linked open data for environment protection in smart regions) initiative aimed to achieve this by linking the LOD to environmental databases like GEOSS, GMES and INSPIRE. SMARTOPENDATA collected and processed a large amount of data to integrate it with the LOD database. More importantly, project partners created an infrastructure to source, process, clean and publish data from disparate sources. The research identified the most important or useful tools, models and algorithms used during the project and made those publicly available as well. Using all of these tools, SMARTOPENDATA completed five pilot studies to ensure that the infrastructure works as intended. Lastly, several small and medium-sized enterprise and research collaborators were invited to use the tools and data that the project made available. The work of SMARTOPENDATA is sure to foster innovation within the environmental and conservation industries in the EU.


Environmental data, Linked Open Data, SMARTOPENDATA, environment protection

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