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Comprehensive Approach to cyber roadMap coordINation and develOpment

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Roadmap to counter cybercrime and cyber terrorism in Europe

How should money be invested to combat cybercrime and cyber terrorism in Europe? An EU initiative developed a roadmap to address this question and to improve resilience against cybercrime and cyber terrorism.

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Where to allocate taxpayers’ money for research is just one of the key issues that need to be tackled in combatting cybercrime and cyber terrorism. Once answers are found, the next step is to decide how to test and evaluate them in order to be effective? One solution is a practical roadmap to complement law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and research organisations without causing a bottleneck of problems and obstacles. With this in mind, the EU-funded CAMINO (Comprehensive approach to cyber roadmap coordination and development) project created a comprehensive roadmap and practical guidelines. The roadmap identifies and defines future steps to ensure its effective dissemination and adoption across the cyber security community. It focuses on the THOR (Technical, Human, Organisational and Regulatory) dimensions of cyber security research, and presents the main objectives, problems, challenges and key stakeholders for each. Project partners identified over 60 objectives in 14 topics and 250 milestones for these four THOR pillars that will lead to a more effective fight against cybercrime and cyber terrorism until 2025. They prepared the research agenda by consulting with end users and experts, and then validating and prioritising topics through seven workshops, additional consultations, validation exercises and meetings. In addition, researchers delivered also over 50 practical guidelines targeting the specific needs of LEAs, SMEs, citizens, public and standardisation bodies. They also set up a cyber think tank comprised of 25 members from 10 Member States aimed at maintaining a strong and sustainable community long after project completion. By initiating long-term activities and establishing a research agenda on cybercrime and cyber terrorism, CAMINO will go a long way towards contributing to a trustworthy information society as envisioned by the Digital Agenda for Europe by 2020.


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