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Personalized Wound Dressings Based on Nanofiber Mats

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Personalised electrospun dressing tailored for healing

A new type of dressing is no longer a passive addition to healing. EU research has developed a personalised wound dressing that fits any surface, controls infection and promotes scar-free repair.

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The annual incidence of wounds, higher than cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases – occurs in 8 cases per 1 000 population-wide. Despite the considerable progress that has been made recently, wound healing remains a challenge and the development of novel treatments remains a priority of research. The WoundCure project headed up by Nicast Ltd has developed the perfect wound dressing. The SpinCare™ wound dressing portable system is a handheld device for bed-side, on-the-spot wound dressing. Creating customised, nanofibrous dressing for all geometries and wound contours. It is perfect for the treatment of skin breaches such as partial and intermediate thickness wounds, abrasions, superficial burns, donor site wounds, surgical incisions and dermatological lesions or ulcers. The system As Dr Chen Barak, project coordinator explains, “The SpinCare system uses electrospinning technology where electrostatic forces produce biopolymeric nano-fibrous multi-layer porous dressings.” With specific and defined pore distribution as well as high surface area, the electrospun dressing mimics the structure of the extracellular matrix that surrounds cells in tissues, an excellent medium for tissue integration, repair and healing. Important to the potential for reducing infection, the system is activated from a distance with no contact between the care giver and the wound site. The SpinKit™ solution kit includes a disposable solution pre-filled sterile syringe intended for single patient use. Shelf life at the moment is 11 months but the group are still working to make that 24 months. Extensive trials The SpinCare System has been fully validated for biocompatibility, safety, sterility and shelf life and has the appropriate ISO certification. Four different versions of the SpinCare solution were tested in an animal model. “The results confirmed that the SpinCare System can be used as novel bandaging for various skin applications and can be further developed for the treatment of burns and wounds,” reports Dr Barak. A recent publication in Advances in Wound Care describes the tests and concludes that the portable handheld electrospinning device can be used for different formulations and materials. A major bonus is that it can be customised to the characteristics of the target wound at the various stages of wound healing. A clinical trial recruited 40 patients in 5 major hospitals to test the system for the application of wound dressing in the treatment of split skin-graft donor sites. Another study in the treatment of partial thickness burns was launched in three medical centres in Israel with twenty patients recruited initially. “Slow patient recruitment was a challenge as clinical data collection is a significant part of product development,” points out Dr Barak. “However, the accumulated data confirmed the expected dressing behaviour and its advantages.” Next steps for SpinCare and SpinKit and future wound healing Finalisation of the WoundCare project term has brought the products to the verge of commercialisation. Product development is complete, evaluation of product safety in clinical studies and CE mark accreditation has been achieved. The company is now in pre-market clinical activities in Europe prior to official launch. Nicast continues to invest in generating more clinical data to support the upcoming product launch. In parallel, the company is in the process of moving towards mass production. Work achieved during the WoundCure project promises to have an important impact in the wound healing arena. It is a temporary skin or temporary contact layer that remains on the wound throughout the healing phase with no need for dressing replacement. Wound healing is critical for patient recovery especially if they suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or have undergone several surgeries. "The SpinCare innovative dressing is a revolutionary product that brings to the market a personalised bedside-made dressing with unique characteristics that support the healing process in multiple applications.” The future impact of the SpinCare system throughout healthcare will be immense.


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