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Smart video for smart devices

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State-of-the-art technology is changing the way we experience videos

An EU-funded project has developed an innovative product that is revolutionising video-based interactive digital experiences. Watching videos will never be the same again.

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With the help of technology, touch screen devices and video streaming have radically changed the way people experience videos. Viewers can now watch them from wherever they are, whenever they want, on their own personal screens. Many television networks have realised the power of interactive videos and are using them to hold viewers’ attention for longer, create engaging stories and offer sponsors meaningful connections with real audience members. Leading brands are also getting on board and using videos to go directly to consumers and fans. Understanding the effect interactive videos can have, the EDIFLO PRO project set out to further enhance the video experience of the world’s leading brands and media companies by making interactive videos simple. “Based on Axonista’s award-winning technology, the project worked towards facilitating the creation of a new product called Ediflo,” report Claire McHugh, CEO of Axonista, and Meaghan Lee-Erlandsen, project coordinator. Ediflo is a complete platform for creating, managing and distributing a new generation of video-based interactive digital experiences and contains the necessary tools for developing interactive video apps for smart devices running on all major platforms. “Using this technology, Ediflo will enable customers to launch new video apps in a matter of hours.” McHugh and Lee-Erlandsen add: “We also aimed to innovate our business model, from being a services company to a product-first company. The H2020 SME Instrument gave us the space, and support to make this leap.” Ediflo hits the market The product was designed, created, and then tested at four successful and innovative commercial pilots. Then, through Axonista, it was successfully brought to market where it is being sold via a new software as a service, otherwise known as SaaS, business model. “We now have the best interactive video content management system in the market,” enthuse McHugh and Lee-Erlandsen. They further add: “Brands can go direct-to-consumers with video apps that have cool interactive features for their viewers.” They can reach, and engage with their fans wherever they are watching, and convert them to customers all within the same video app. “It’s easy, quick to get up and running. Users can create their own apps with Ediflo Studio and they also benefit from the interactive storytelling features straight away!” More to come Axonista is now focused on growing their customer base through content marketing activities, to further promote their product to potential customers. “A lot of the pilots that we worked on during the project have turned into customers. We are very delighted to have customers like the Irish Film Institute and The Waterbear Network using interactive video apps powered by Ediflo,” note McHugh and Lee-Erlandsen. The project partners conclude: “We encourage any company looking to make a big innovation with a global impact to participate in the European commission funding schemes. We are very positive about the future of Ediflo!”


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