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Project of the Month: Pioneering new technologies to help civil protection agencies handle and respond better to large crises and emergencies

The IN-PREP project has designed new technologies to enhance preparedness and support effective command and control and efficient incident management during emergencies, disasters and crisis events, now especially important following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.


IN-PREP’s Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP) combines multiple technologies including a scenario building tool for crisis planning and training, advanced command and control technology to assist in situational awareness during crises and the latest in threat impact and evacuation modelling capabilities. Four exercises to test and improve the technology have taken place in Italy, the Netherlands and Northern Ireland. Now in its final year, two further demonstrations will be carried out later in 2020 and a first-of-its-kind Handbook on Transboundary Preparedness will be developed to serve not only as a user manual for IN-PREP’s MRPP, but also as an invaluable resource in comparing the different crisis management procedures used throughout EU Member States. Additionally, a recent IN-PREP study undertaken by the Italian Fire and Rescue Service found that recent technological developments have allowed the emergency services to exchange data in a more effective way, overcoming the existing barriers in location, language and technology, and protecting workers in the emergency services who are responding to COVID-19. To find out more, please see the official IN-PREP website. “We’re happy that the technologies developed in IN-PREP contribute to scenario building, training and response planning that allows civil protection agencies to effectively collaborate during large disasters and crises, ensuring the most efficient level of command, disciplinary and spatial boundaries.” - Evangelos Sdongos, Project Coordinator If you are interested in having your project featured in ‘Project of the Month’ in an upcoming issue, please send us an email to and tell us why! IN-PREP Coordinated by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems in Greece Funded under H2020-SECURITY Project website:


IN-PREP, disasters, collaborative response planning, scenario building, training, command and control, modelling, COVID-19, Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform, MRPP