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Get in listener, we’re going shopping… with the latest episode of the CORDIScovery podcast!

CORDIS has just released the third episode of the CORDIScovery podcast. Three EU-funded researchers join us to discuss the future of an activity that is a hobby for many but a necessity for all of us and that is of course, shopping. Our discussion revolves around the burning questions of whether the e-commerce juggernaut is truly unstoppable and what that means for ‘bricks and mortar’ shops in the post-pandemic world. Free to download from wherever you prefer to get your podcast fix!

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Shuttered windows, closed shopping centres: our high streets are feeling the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. Businesses which relied entirely on their bricks and mortar presence have had to scramble to get their shops online or face a total collapse of income: holding out, if they can, for footfall to return to our streets. All this pressure arrived at a time when the retail sector was already having to rethink its model in the face of stiff competition from online giants and a pre-pandemic drift towards e-commerce. In this episode of CORDIScovery, our host, Abigail Acton has the pleasure to discuss the future of retail with three Horizon 2020-funded guests who are experts within the field: Frank Sandeloev, CEO of CardLab Innovation, who brings to the table valuable insights on how to ensure online shopping remains safe; Daphne Pijnappel, a B2B marketeer at BuyBay, is interested in everything related to retail and sustainability; and finally, Mary Ellen Foster, a Senior Lecturer in Human-Robot Interaction at the University of Glasgow, brings to the debate her experience in how robots can make physical shopping much more enticing to customers.

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