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Improving aquaculture’s competitiveness and sustainability in the EU

The EU-funded NewTechAqua project is providing cutting-edge training on fish nutrition and health and helping novel aquaculture solutions reach the market.

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Aquaculture accounts for about 20 % of fish and shellfish supply in the EU and directly employs about 100 000 people. The EU is the fifth largest fisheries and aquaculture producer worldwide. Investing in sustainable aquaculture research and innovation will boost production and competitiveness, while addressing tomorrow’s challenges. To promote the use of new technologies for more sustainable aquaculture, NewTechAqua is organising an advanced course on feed nutrition, feeding and health in aquaculture from 5 to 9 June 2023 in Spain. It is intended for up to 30 aquaculture professionals, technical advisors and researchers. The course will cover the most recent scientific advances in nutritional physiology and the use of standard and alternative ingredients and feeding strategies to enhance fish health and quality. In addition, it will provide an overview of new technologies for promoting a more sustainable aquaculture industry. “We aim to provide solutions for the most important challenges that the aquaculture sector faces today, such as how to reduce feed manufacturers’ dependence on fishmeal and fish oil from fisheries and at the same time improve fish health and resistance to disease,” explains Bernardo Basurco, the course’s academic coordinator. The course will be given by experts from research institutions, universities and businesses in Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain. Candidates can apply here until 6 March 2023 and apply for a travel voucher.

Transferring innovation to the market

The project also carried out the NewTechAqua Award Challenge. It sought innovative solutions to one or more of six main challenges identified as bringing socioeconomic and environmental benefits and impacts to the aquaculture sector. The challenges include increasing the efficiency of aquaculture production systems, making the aquaculture sector more sustainable and circular, and supporting diversification of fish species. In total, 47 proposals were submitted from international start-ups, entrepreneurs and technology centres. The five winners will be announced in March 2023. The selected companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products and/or services to a specialised aquaculture audience around the world. In addition, they will connect with NewTechAqua’s global innovation system, find partners to develop their solutions and undergo extensive coaching. All ideas will be presented at the next Aquaculture Innovation Forum. Ending in December 2023, the NewTechAqua (New Technologies, Tools and Strategies for a Sustainable, Resilient and Innovative European Aquaculture) project is developing and validating technologically advanced, resilient and sustainable solutions to broaden and diversify production of finfish, molluscs and microalgae. If you are interested in having your project featured as a ‘Project of the Month’ in an upcoming issue, please send us an email to and tell us why!


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