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Installation of Denmark’s first large-scale electrolyser begins

An EU-backed project is installing a 6 MW prototype electrolyser in a Danish green industrial park in efforts to bring Europe a step closer to carbon neutrality.

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The installation of a 6 MW prototype electrolyser has begun in GreenLab – Denmark’s green industrial park. Made possible with support from the EU-funded GreenHyScale project, this installation is an important step towards the project’s goal of large-scale green hydrogen production that can be replicated in the rest of the world, both onshore and offshore.

First piece, check

As reported in a news item posted on the GreenHyScale website, the 6 MW test module for Power-to-X, or PtX, production was delivered to GreenLab at the end of March, marking a milestone in the transition to green hydrogen production. The core Power-to-X technology is an X-series modular pressurised alkaline electrolyser that can be multi-stacked. The 70-tonne electrolyser was developed by Danish project partner Green Hydrogen Systems, and it is the first piece of the 100 MW green electrolysis plant that will be built and operated at the industrial park. “This is a milestone we have worked hard for with our international partners,” states GreenLab’s CEO Christopher Sorensen. “Power-to-X is not only a promising technology in terms of a cleaner way to produce and store energy, but also a cornerstone in the energy system of the future, where sector coupling is crucial. At GreenLab, the Power-to-X facility will be fully integrated with our SymbiosisNet to utilise the outputs in our green industrial cluster.” SymbiosisNet is a smart energy and data network being developed to enable companies to share their surplus energy and resources. Sorensen explains the concept further: “Our unique infrastructure enables companies to re-apply their excess energy streams, and the excess heat from the PtX facility will also be utilised for a new district heating system for the local communities.” Another key component of the 6 MW test facility is the power supply unit that will supply the electrolyser module with energy. The unit converts 10 kV alternating current from the national grid into a low direct current. The project team expects that the energy supplied to the electrolyser will soon be green energy obtained directly from wind turbines and solar panels in and around the industrial park. Green Hydrogen Systems CEO Sebastian Koks Andreassen explains what comes next: “The installation for tests and validations of our prototype at GreenLab in Skive is the next step in the product maturity of our X-Series electrolyser. This step supports the GreenHyScale project development and Green Hydrogen Systems efforts in advancing a prototype electrolyser towards a commercially viable product.” Launched in 2021, GreenHyScale (100 MW Green hydrogen production in a replicable and scalable industrial hosting environment) brings together 11 academic and commercial partners from Denmark, France, Norway and the United Kingdom. The project’s achievements will help to lower the cost of hydrogen and accelerate Europe’s transition to carbon neutrality. For more information, please see: GreenHyScale project website


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