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Installation of a European light dosimeter network

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Ozone radiation monitoring network solves biologists' problems

A network of fast, reliable dosimeters (radiation sensing devices) has been set up across Europe to aid biologists in observing ultra-violet B (UVB) radiation connected to ozone depletion.

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Currently, highly accurate physical measurements of radiation data are performed over Europe. However, biologists have found that the time lag between actual measurements and availability of the data stretches to months or even years. This poses obvious problems for biologists who need continuous data to monitor responses in ecosystems to fluctuations in radiation. The ELDONET project sets out to solve this dilemma. It assumes that, for most needs, a band measurement is sufficient enough to analyse biological data. Dosimeters have been developed for this purpose and have been sited around Europe. This network allows data collected all over Europe to be made available to interested parties as fast as possible via a public medium. Currently, all sites send data via FTP directly to central server sited at Pisa, Italy or send diskettes to Erlangen, Germany.

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