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Application of space techniques to the integrated management of a river basin water resources

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Satellites used to monitor water resources

A pilot system has developed tools for water managers to better monitor water levels and conditions in water basins, which can cover thousands of square kilometres.

Climate Change and Environment

The system combines Earth observation data with other data such as tables and maps in order to provide managers with sufficient information to plan effectively, particularly with regard to the distribution of demand and consumption. A user-friendly interface will give managers access to information that will aid in decision-making. The information will be in four fields: groundwater extraction, irrigation performance, wetlands evolution and evapotranspiration. This pilot system is already being tested in river basins of varying sizes in Italy, Spain and Portugal. A modular structure will allow both upgrading of the system and customizing to the specific requirements of water managers in other water basins. GEOSYS is responsible for a number of projects whose results provide technical assistance for a variety of applications, including agriculture, hydrogeology and environmental studies.

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Climate Change and Environment

2 April 2014