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Language learning skills acquire new multi-media platform

Language acquisition is a highly complex and involved process, and any software constructed to enhance this process is going to have to be versatile, flexible and thoroughly interactive. The TELOS platform provides such an environment.

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There are many language learning programmes on the market that provide interactive and fun experiences for students. TELOS (LTMI), a platform for language learning and tutoring, has gone one better. Not only does it provide the would be learner with multimedia material, lexical and grammatical exercises (along with comprehensive explanation of language and word-usage rules and examples), it also provides a unique function known as the “Editing Mode”. The Editing Mode, provided in the TELOS Language Partner (TLP Pro) multi-media application programme, caters primarily to the tutor and language institutions, affording them the power and versatility to customise the entire learning process into an exclusive package best suited for individual students, allowing them to focus on the student's particular weak-points. More than a “design” tool, Editing Mode's intuitive authoring platform allows the instructor to involve a variety of other media such as video, periodicals, books and audio cassettes. Each medium can be specifically associated with one, or all learning facets such as listening, writing, reading and comprehension exercises. Furthermore, even learners can utilize Editing Mode to explore communicative situations, and will have the opportunity in the future to utilise the entire TELOS software programme in the comfort of their own homes, via the Internet. Developed by the University of Ulster, TELOS LTP-pro is already designed as a prototype to fit several types of educational environments such as universities, schools, adult educational facilities and even corporate training programmes, and, with its soon-to-be Internet functionality, (in TLP pro) TELOS will prove to be a powerful assistant for language education. New ideologies in pedagogical methods have been met with new technologies transforming the process of language learning into what it is supposed to be: fun, challenging and interactive.

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