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Interactive "one-stop-shop" platform for mobile eCommerce

An EC funded project consortium led by the Athens University of Economics and Business, has developed an on-line interactive platform to be used as the central node for communication, collaboration and information dissemination in the field of mobile eCommerce.

Digital Economy

The project known as MobiForum, was designed in response to specific information regarding mobile eCommerce, and became a fundamental point of reference to all participants. By generating the maximum possible amount of interest from many diverse sources, the project was enriched by of all the participants involved. As a result, MobiForum gained a comprehensive understanding of the new developments towards mobile eCommerce, and can generate alternative scenarios for future developments of the mobile service market. The overall objectives to MobiForum included: identifying existing and new factors, describing and specifying new business models, preparing guidelines on regulation and policy and consensus building. The fundamental factors that affect mobile commerce and its evolution were studied, and the results thereof provided the developers with a fully integrated on-line application. During the project lifetime internal and external communication of results of workshops and information dissemination took place, and these have now provided a dynamic mechanism for results exploitation. One of the major accomplishments of this project was the implementation of the interactive platform, the definition of dissemination and the specification of fundamental attributes and user requirements. Moreover, the specification of technical and business attributes of mobile commerce services and applications significantly contributed to the generation of mobile commerce scenarios. Using quantitative and qualitative analysis, fundamental characteristics drove the projects evolution and growth thus covering structural changes, market dynamics, technological evolution, and market and consumer supply and demand. From here on, the project assessed the technological evolution and market growth potential so that the new features could specifically reflect the future adoption and growth. The final stage analysed the intensity of the ever-changing technological evolution, including the critical issues that affect the ICT industry. As a result of this well structured project, the interactive environment of MobiForum enables it to provide specific information on current trends and critical issues for the scenarios development. In addition, the interactive on-line platform also incorporates chat rooms, on-line workshops and discussion forums. The developers are currently looking for further research or development support with a possible view to a joint venture agreement and/or licence agreement.

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