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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Evolution Scenarios for emerging Mobile Commerce services: New Policy, Market Dynamics, Methods of Work and Business Models


The MobiCom project will focus on fundamental factors that will affect the evolution of Mobile Commerce, such as market structure, key players, technology architectures, consumer behaviour, new products and services. Towards this direction the project will develop an integrated environment, in order to satisfy the following objectives: * Identification of existing factors deriving from mobile communications and Ecommerce industries, which enable and constrain the development of Mobile Commerce in Europe. *Identification of new factors that emerge due to the convergence of Mobile Telecommunications and Ecommerce technologies and entrepreneurial activities. * Description and specification of new business models and services as well as of diffusion and adoption patterns in Mobile commerce market. * Preparation of guidelines on regulation and policy that may facilitate Mobile Commerce evolution. * Consensus building, dissemination and interaction of Mobile Commerce stakeholders

The first phase of our methodology involves socio-economic impact analysis of Mobile Telecommunications and Ecommerce industries. The analysis will be based on quantitative and qualitative methods and will provide the fundamental characteristics of the two industries that drive their evolution and growth. It will cover structural changes, market dynamics, technological evolution, supply and demand sides of the market and consumer profiling. The end of socio-economic impact analysis of existing markets (end of month 4) will be accompanied with the delivery of two reports on the evolution of Mobile Telecommunications and Ecommerce in Europe. These reports will be presented to the project users from telecom and Ecommerce industries in order to evaluate and validate the results. The users assessment will provide the first feedback on research results. The next phase involves assessment of technological evolution and potential market growth in Mobile Commerce. This will provide technical specifications and emergence of new services and applications. Based on socio-economic readiness analysis, new services and applications will be assessed against factors that may affect their adoption and diffusion. Then feasibility studies will provide input on the commercialisation process and market readiness. Industrial project participants (telecom operators and Ecommerce developers) will be actively engaged in the process of devising the evolving characteristics of Mobile Commerce technologies and services. The end of technological and socio-economic readiness analysis of mobile services and applications (end of month 12) will be accompanied with reports in the respective areas. The final phase involves socio-economic analysis on the intensity of new technological evolution. To this end Mobile Commerce evolution scenarios will be developed with respect to critical issues that affect this process. In particular, emphasis will be given to regulatory and policy issues, new met
hods of work, new market dynamics and new business models. The end of socio-economic intensity analysis (end of month 18) will be accompanied with the final deliverables on evolution scenarios for Mobile Commerce. Again, all project participants will play an active role in devising and evaluating the scenarios. The initial steps for the exploitation of the results, such as workshops and information dissemination are planned to take place during the project lifetime. MobiForum, is the interactive platform that will be used for internal and external communication and dissemination of results. It is not the only means of dissemination but still very important. MobiForum implementation will provide a dynamic mechanism for MobiCom results exploitation and dissemination internally and externally.

Milestone 1 [month 4]: Implementation of MobiForum interactive platform, definition of Dissemination Plan, Specification fundamental attributes and user requirements of Mobile Telecommunications and Ecommerce industries Milestone 2 [month 16] Specification of technical and business attributes of Mobile Commerce services and applications Milestone 3 [month 18] Mobile Commerce evolution scenarios Milestone 4 [month 20] Completion of dissemination activities

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