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Evolution Scenarios for emerging Mobile Commerce services: New Policy, Market Dynamics, Methods of Work and Business Models


In terms of business initiatives and opportunities, the MobiCom Project envisages the active involvement of industrial partners in the process of insight generation and scenario planning. Therefore, MobiForum, an on-line interactive platform, serves as a central node for communication, collaboration and information dissemination. MobiForum became key point of reference both for project participants and for every other European interested party, for specific information regarding Mobile eCommerce. Through MobiForum, the widest possible participation was sought in order to enrich the process of understanding the new developments towards Mobile eCommerce and generating alternative scenarios regarding the future shape of mobile service markets. Moreover, MobiForum is an interactive environment that provides specific information on current trends and critical issues for the scenarios development. Furthermore, on-line workshops, discussion forums and chat rooms are provided for generating further insight. After the project lifespan MobiForum will continue to be a "one-stop-shop" for Mobile eCommerce stakeholders.