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Personalised Retrieval and Indexing of Media Assets in Virtual Environments for Real-time Access

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Improved retrieval and indexing for audiovisual material

Retrieval and viewing of information from large archives is at present a very time consuming and ineffective process. The same is also true for keeping systems up to date with user profiles. Two new tools have been developed which address these problems, providing better access to information archives and easier user profiling.

Digital Economy

Modern broadcasting organisations produce and archive vast amount of audiovisual material. However, access to this is still obtained by the old fashioned methods of terminal emulation and lending of mostly analogue tapes. A more efficient method of maintaining and accessing media archives using digital asset management has now been developed. This visual tool can be used for context and profile navigation. It helps the user to visually grasp his work context and navigate through it. Advanced analysis for video and audio content are the fundamentals of the new technique that supports querying and searching through the archived content. The main advantages of this product over other products currently on the market are that it provides advanced 3D visuals and that it can be used to present any hierarchical data. A user's profiling tool has also been developed. This can be used to create and maintain users profiles. It is generic and can be used on any system and is database independent. These tools can be used in the fields of IT, telecommunications and anywhere where information processing and profiling are necessary. Collaboration is being sought for information exchange.

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