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Content archived on 2024-05-24

BusIness ONtologies for dynamic web environments

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Enhancing tools for the semantic Web

The Semantic Web is a vision for a richer version of the World Wide Web, where content carries information about itself to make searching, navigation and commercial transactions easier. The EU BIZON project has developed new features for one of the software applications that can be used to implement this vision, OntoBroker.

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As the Web has grown to encompass a bewildering quantity and variety of content, users have found themselves with an greater need for intelligent ways of accessing the information they require. OntoBroker is software that was developed to annotate documents and ‘wrap’ them with information about themselves that can help with user searches. An ontology is a specification or description of concepts and relationships that can be used to ensure consistent user queries for information, and communications among software applications and agents. OntoBroker was originally developed to process ontologies intelligently, one of the core ideas of the Semantic Web concept, and thus provide support for users wishing to access information. The BIZON project team has added new functionalities to the OntoBroker software to support the personalisation of services and anticipation of user needs. This was done by adding artificial intelligence (AI) features, such as machine learning, as well as support for the management of multiple ontologies and multiple users working together in parallel. The project team has worked to support implementation of the new features in applications. These include content management, corporate portals or any large organization that wishes to improve access to their internal documentation, information and knowledge.

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