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Assessing and improving sustainablilty of urban water resources and systems

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Case studies of urban water supply

Sustainability assessments of urban water resources and systems were conducted through case studies in four cities.

Climate Change and Environment

With the assistance of computer tools, the AISUWRS project analysed a variety of current urban water supply and disposal scenarios. This was achieved through demonstrating the ways in which each scenario differs in terms of contaminant handling. The extent to which such contaminant loads are able to pollute groundwater was estimated. Detailed field studies were then conducted in four case study cities in order to verify and validate the model. The cities included in the case study were Ljubljana, Slovenia; Gambier, South Australia; Rastatt, Germany and Doncaster, England. Due to certain problems such as scarce data availability, the entire range of the approach was unable to be implemented. Furthermore, the final decision workshop could not be applied because action scenarios were found irrelevant and also because results concerning the impact of improvement measures were delayed.

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