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Tele-rehabilitation through interactive video endorsement

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Video platforms for spinal injuries

People suffering from spinal injuries require specialised care which is usually very expensive and limited in the time it can be provided. THRIVE, an EC funded project has investigate using ICT tools to extend both the quality and duration of such care.

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In understanding what would be required of such a tool, THRIVE undertook a study of the potential that various remote assistive technologies could provide. In doing so, they had to devise the best methodologies in which such treatment measures could be engendered. Gathering specialists from a number of multi-disciplined backgrounds, the project focused on what care could be given to patients while returning home without compromising quality of treatment standards. In short, the project actually developed three protocols relating to medical, nursing and therapy based on remote rehabilitation and teleconferencing platforms. The protocols were validated using a test group and it was found that a video-conferencing platform specifically tailored to meet patient needs was highly suitable. Additionally, it provided the family and social environment with suitable communication networks. This includes the extended family and care givers. It was also found to be beneficial when measured in terms of quality of care and patient quality of life. Going forward, the project will specify, further validate and eventually submit the protocols to the competent authorities with the intention of being able to make them marketable. Currently the protocols are being technically upgraded to incorporate more advanced developments that had occurred within the ICT industry.

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