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European airport Movement Management by A-smgcs

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New control systems for increase in air traffic

New and improved control systems were developed to help airports deal with the significant increase in air traffic that is expected to occur over the next few years. The EMMA project ensured that advanced systems could be introduced easily across Europe and integrated with current air and ground operations.

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Europes air transport system has a major role to play in ensuring the mobility of goods and people across the EU. However, in the near future it faces major increases in air traffic and safety demands at reduced cost. Airports have been identified as potential bottlenecks for air transport, but this problem can be resolved through the use of advanced control systems in aircraft. The EMMA project investigated an advanced control systems concept that included surveillance, control, routing and guidance applications. The project was divided into two phases, the first of which strengthened surveillance and alert features in aircraft. The second phase, EMMA2, concentrated on onboard guidance support for pilots and planning support for ground controllers. The consortium brought stakeholders together to ensure the smooth implementation of Advanced surface management guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS) at airports in Europe. The A-SMGCS was an integrated air-to-ground system set within the main air traffic management system. Test bed systems were installed and tested at three airports - Prague, Toulouse and Milan. Long-term testing was conducted on an operational A-SMGCS system at Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. All three A-SMGCS implementations showed operational benefits and were used as a basis for the EMMA 2 follow-up project. The EMMA project tested additional and more advanced A-SMGCS features, which reflected changes to operational procedures and a shift of responsibility from people to equipment. The EMMA and EMMA2 projects helped to facilitate the introduction of A-SMGCS across Europe. The new systems will increase the level of safety in airports and improve efficiency and the throughput of air traffic in compliance with both European and international standards.

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