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Raising citizens awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment

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Public participation in greener urban transport

Citizen involvement in sustainable transport issues lies at the heart of a European project which has raised awareness of research and policies for improving mobility in urban areas. The initiative has enabled transport to become more sustainable through public participation, allowing the views of the man (or woman) in the street to be heard by decision makers.

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The EU-backed project 'Raising citizen awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment' (Move Together) has predicted the impact of EU research programmes on daily life by consulting a panel of European citizens. It has also shown how individual choices can positively influence urban mobility and quality of life. In addition the initiative has encouraged greater public support and participation in planning measures and the implementation of EU research and sustainable transport policies in Europe's cities. Project partners have worked with two groups of citizens. The first comprised an international focus group of 27 individuals randomly chosen from each EU country, who participated in two workshops and the Move Together conference launch. The second group involved 24 citizens randomly selected from each area of the Rome metropolitan area who took part in two workshops and a local Move Together conference. Involvement with the two groups has resulted in two 'Move Together citizens declarations' at the EU and the local level. The declarations include a series of messages highlighting citizens' understanding of EU research on urban transport and its impact on their day-to-day lives. These experiences have been communicated to the wider public through a travelling exhibition that has visited Vienna, Rome, Budapest, Nice and Brussels. A final conference has been organised and a poster exhibition that has appeared across Europe. The conference has included EU policy-makers and stakeholders, representatives of the cities hosting Move Together exhibitions and members of the citizens' panels. The project has successfully facilitated public participation in the planning and implementation of urban sustainable transport research. The result has been a positive impact on the quality of life of EU citizens.

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