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Strengthening Romanian Research Training Capacities in Biosensing and Related Areas

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Romania leaps ahead in becomes a leader in biosensing technologyors

Romania's leading centre in bio-dynamics is networking with industry and academia to become more competitive and more productive on a European level.

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Biosensing technology is essential in agri-food, healthcare, environmental monitoring and security. It employs advanced sensors that can interact with the environment around them to produce valuable information. the EU-funded project 'Strengthening Romanian research training capacities in biosensing and related areas' (Robios) reinforced research at the International Centre for Bio-dynamics (ICB). It aimed to help the ICB participate in EU programmes and other global initiatives. in particular, through better infrastructure, enhanced research capacity and improved human resources, project activities boosted the ability of the centre to participate in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It also aimed to bridge the gap between industry and academia with a focus on biosensing technology in healthcare, food safety and the environment. project partners helped the ICB address new methods in monitoring bioprocesses and analysing biosensor data. They also reinforced research and development through networking and training, as well as exploitation and dissemination of project results. This in part took shape through international conferences on bio-dynamics, biosensing and related areas. robios successfully managed to promote the ICB's networking capabilities and increase participation in FP7 projects. It outlined a new set of applications in nano-biomedicine, attracting several biomedical partners to the fold. Progress achieved was intended to continue after completion of the Robios project, ensuring that reinforcement of knowledge transfer and exploitation in the field will highlight Europe's primacy in the field.

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