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Crime as a cultural problem

Corruption in crime prevention in certain parts of Europe is more common than we think. Shedding light on this phenomenon and bringing it out in the open can help policymakers eradicate this kind of corruption.

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The EU takes pride in building societies and systems that are relatively free of corruption, especially in relation to crime prevention, but the phenomenon does crop up and must be tackled. The EU-funded project 'Crime as a cultural problem. The relevance of perceptions of corruption to crime prevention. A comparative cultural study' (Corruption and Crime) studied better ways to prevent corruption. The project looked at different perceptions of corruption and level of acceptance by society in several EU countries. It examined how effective prevention policies are and how they address corruption in daily life. To achieve its aims, the project analysed data and documents related to politics, judiciary, police, media, economy and civil society. It conducted interviews with stakeholders representing these segments and analysed the strengths and weaknesses of expert systems. Through a conference the project team developed strategies for prevention of corruption. It communicated research findings with policymakers as well as methods for enhancing cooperation with anti-corruption agencies. A key component of the Crime and Culture project was its in-depth investigation of the crime-culture dynamic in several different countries. It studied specific angles, perceptions, policies and institutional aspects of corruption across Europe. A close look at anti-corruption policies and respective discourses within the EU was also undertaken, in addition to a comparative analysis of anti-corruption measures in different countries. The results of the project were disseminated through five key meetings and workshops. They showed how corruption figures and types differ from country to country. Crime and Culture revealed how corruption and its many forms is often a cultural feature for many countries.

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