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Bureau for European and Mexican science and technology cooperation

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Collaboration between EU and Mexico in technology

The creation of an office for technological cooperation between the EU and Mexico will help create synergistic partnerships that will further research and development on both sides of the Atlantic.


Mexico represents one of the world's largest economies, an important regional power and a world player in technology, electronics and science. The EU-funded project 'Bureau for European and Mexican science and technology cooperation' (Uemexcyt) opened the road for cooperation between the EU and Mexico in the fields of science and technology. The project's main goal was to establish an office to raise awareness in Mexico regarding opportunities of collaboration with the EU in these fields. It accomplished this through 8 workshops and 39 infodays across Mexico, reaching over 1 700 researchers and businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition, Uemexcyt played an important role in training some 170 researchers and other stakeholders related to science and technology. Activities also focused on creating a network of stakeholders and contacts, as well as liaising with EU embassies in Mexico and other European parties to enhance cooperation. The project team took steps to encourage the European diaspora in Mexico to embark on EU projects in order to further cement ties of long-term collaboration. Other initiatives included coordination and awareness raising through adjacent EU projects such as Elan2Life, Winds, Alcue health, Nanoforum EULA and Food n'co. In parallel, the project established ties with yet another notable EU programme in Mexico, the 'Fondo de Cooperación Internacional en Ciencia y tecnología' (Foncicyt). It then devised proposals to encourage participation in calls for projects under EU supervision. Lastly, Uemexcyt created a website featuring interactive databases and the CVs of hundreds of researchers, bringing forth new transAtlantic partnerships that strengthen science and technology. Ultimately, all these actions have helped promote much stronger relationships in the field between the EU and Mexico.

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