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Bureau for European and Mexican science and technology cooperation

Final Report Summary - UEMEXCYT (Bureau for European and Mexican Science and Technology Cooperation)

The principal objective of the project was to establish an office dedicated in creating awareness in Mexico on the opportunities of cooperation opened by the European Research Area (ERA) as well as improving and facilitating Science and technology (S&T) cooperation between Europe and Mexico.

Under this perspective, 8 workshops and 39 infodays were realised around 16 states of the Mexican Republic, informing than 1 760 researchers and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and training around 170 researchers and S&T managers.

A website was created in order to provide information on activities and programs of cooperation: and directly linked to interactive databases aiming at supporting partners search to form consortiums. Around 1 700 researchers posted their CV online.

Other key issue was the creation of a leadership and coordination of a networking dynamic dedicated in building a long term cooperation, through the following initiatives:
- the creation and coordination of a pro-active Mexican Thematic Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) Contact Network;
- the coordination with the European Commission (EC) Delegation and the Member States embassies in Mexico, within the framework of a working group on S&T cooperation, in order to share information on S&T cooperation programmes and develop joint initiatives towards the European diaspora in Mexico;
- close coordination with other thematic specific support actions aimed at increasing awareness of Framework Programme opportunities in Mexico and Latin America (ELAN2LIFE, WINDS, NANOFORUM EULA, FOOD N'CO, ALCUE HEALTH, etc.);
- strong synergies with the bilateral cooperation program in the area: 'Fondo de Cooperación Internacional en Ciencia y tecnología' (FONCICYT) Unión Europea - México aiming at strengthening the capacities of Mexico in the field of S&T by a stretcher cooperation with the European Union (EU) and its Member States.

Additionally, proposals were prepared in order to respond to further calls launched by the European Commission (EC) under the international cooperation activities of the FP7 'Capacities' Specific Programme such as LA INCONET, NCP INCO network and BILAT. The success approval of these proposals permitted to strengthen the institutional links between CONACYT and the EC and hence, to give stronger basis to the S&T agreement objectives.