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Bureau for European and Mexican science and technology cooperation


The project seeks to establish an office that will improve and facilitate S&T cooperation between Europe and Mexico, by assisting Mexican researchers and SMEs accomplish full advantage of the offered European Union cooperation programs. In order to achieve these goals, the project includes three types of support actions. First, the creation of an interactive website that will provide information on activities and opportunities of cooperation. Second, an interactive database hosted in the website w ill allow partner search, where researchers and stakeholders will be able to search and contact their interested peers and partners. Third, the project proposes the conduction of different workshops: Information workshops addressed to management staff of relevant research Centres, that are expected to function as resonance boxes of the S&T cooperation programs within their own institutions, promoting the opportunities of joint participation. Secondly, workshops will be addressed to researchers, not only to create awareness on the opportunities of collaboration, but also to assist them in the process. To reinforce this strategy, a service of help desk will be established. Most important, the UEMEXCYT Office will promote the coordination and prepara tion of project responses to calls on the 7th FP priority Energy, through the organization of a working meeting between relevant potential partners from the EU and Latin America. This is part of a regional strategy, where Argentina, Chile and Brazil wil l organize similar activities on different priorities of the 7th FP that will include Mexican scientists and SMEs. To stress S&T cooperation on the bilateral and bi-regional levels, special regional seminars will also be held in the four countries to assess the AL-UE cooperation policies and instruments, develop best practices, and identify future priorities areas for the 7th FP with suggestions for an improved cooperation relation.

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