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European Network for Education and Training in Radiation Protection - II

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Encouraging radiation protection as a career

Ionising radiation in industrial settings must be dealt with in a very safe and secure way, but there has been a shortage of experts in radiation protection (RP). An EU-funded project has made progress towards reversing this situation.

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The 'European network for education and training in radiation protection - II' (ENETRAP-II) project worked towards making RP a more attractive career option for younger generations. It also aimed to develop high-quality reference standards and good practices for training in European RP. These objectives were achieved by developing RP training schemes for RP experts (RPEs), as well as a European reference standard for the training of RP officers (RPOs). The project outlined the training schemes' objectives, target audiences, prerequisites, duration and evaluation methods. ENETRAP-II also prepared a European textbook on the topic of RP. This was accompanied by additional support material made available through the internet and other means. Furthermore, project members proposed the development and implementation of a training passport that would facilitate mobility and training among students and budding professionals. In addition, strategies to enhance further collaboration among training providers, regulators and clients were created after monitoring the effectiveness of training schemes. The results of ENETRAP-II will be important for any persons involved in RP, as well as for national authorities dealing with the recognition of RPEs. The outcomes have also contributed to competence building and career development in RP in order to meet the demands of the future.

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