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Enhancing EU–Armenian research capacity

An EU-funded project boosted European Commission efforts to enhance international cooperation in science and technology (S&T). INARMERA boosted EU cooperation with Armenia through support activities aimed at strengthening one of its research centres.

Industrial Technologies

One of the priorities of the EU's European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is the integration of South Caucasus countries into the European Research Area (ERA). The goal is to reinforce the cooperation capacity of a selected research and development centre in these countries through enhanced research activities in areas of thematic priorities of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The Armenian government recommended the Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care (CMG). The 'Integrating Armenia into ERA' (INARMERA) project aimed at enhancing cooperation at different levels, widening the scope of cooperation involving more EU countries and research centres, and covering more topics of mutual interest. Armenian participation in FP7 project proposals was increased and links strengthened between policymakers in Armenia and the EU in S&T. The project team organised training in FP7 for CMG scientists, and offered opportunities for their research training in medical genetics. A professional strategy expert group assessed the usefulness and impact of all CMG programmes and activities. The evaluation drew on results such as research, partnerships and public engagement, translation and use of knowledge, as well as organisational excellence. Various key efforts were directed at reinforcing cooperation between the CMG and European research centres in areas of mutual research. To this end, a networking and dissemination plan was developed in line with the project objectives. Promotion and information materials were widely circulated to Armenian and EU stakeholders and organisations. In addition, cooperation and synergy-building activities with national and EU projects were carried out. INARMERA drove new medical genetics methods to the forefront of the Armenian scientific community and greatly increased its visibility among the general public. In enabling the CMG to increase its scale and regional coverage, the project improved its ability to respond to the socioeconomic needs of Armenia and the wider region.


International cooperation, science and technology, research centres, medical genetics, primary health care

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