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Celebrating 20 years of transatlantic biotech research

A special conference in Barcelona, Spain marked the 20th anniversary of a partnership between the European Community and the United States on biotechnology research.

Industrial Technologies

The celebration was an open conference joined by more than 100 people. It was funded by the EU as part of the '20th anniversary of the EC-US task force on biotechnology research' (EC-US TF) project. The event was held at the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona, and played host to internationally renowned scientists from Europe and the United States. During the conference, different sessions analysed the evolution and impact of biotechnology created through the partnership. The event was also an opportunity to define new research challenges and priorities. The EC-US task force's work has to date mainly focused on how to anticipate the future needs of science. This was done through the exchange of ideas and by developing common activities and workshops in both communities. The conference highlighted the fact that communication and information sharing is a common challenge for scientists. But Mr Rudolf W. Strohmeier, who spoke on behalf of the European Community, said he hoped the conference discussions would prove useful for building concrete activities in the near future.

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