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Support of the activities of all stakeholders from the PV sector to collaborate together to achieve the 2020 targets

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World-class EU photovoltaics for 2020

The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform (EU PV TP) is positioning itself as the point of reference for key policy and decision makers, scientists and the general public. The General Secretariat is providing the management and communication tools.

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For education, research and development, and market deployment of PV electricity production, the EU PV TP is bringing together all stakeholders to formulate and implement a dedicated strategic plan. High-quality, up-to-date information and extensive communication with relevant European and international organisations will ensure that academic research is aligned with industry priorities. A previous Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) project, PV SEC, established the General Secretariat of the EU PV TP. The Secretariat is providing seamless cooperation between the EU PV TP and the PV industry. The EU-funded project PV TP - SEC is building on its predecessor's accomplishments to ensure continued administrative and communication support. The project will lead to implementation of the EU PV TP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). It will also make a significant contribution to achievement of the targets for 2020 set out by the Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII). These include up to 12 % contribution of PV electricity, grid parity in most of Europe, and a world-class, cost-competitive European PV industry. Emphasis was also placed on logistical support of Platform activities, budget management, and controlling execution of planned work in the scope of planned timelines and desired results. Coordination among stakeholders included those internal and external to the project. Scientists also developed the required communication tools in the context of the project website and Intranet. Information regarding the project and EU PVs has been widely disseminated. Researchers prepared the PV factsheets for the general public, addressing misconceptions about PV technologies. A new section of the website is now dedicated to updates on the SEII and the European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) call for solar electricity. In addition, the new SRA2 is under preparation. PV TP - SEC is working hard to ensure effective communication and cooperation among industry, academics and the EU PV TP. Project activities will ensure that it remains the point of reference for all stakeholders, including the public and policymakers. This will support the establishment of a world-class EU PV industry and major benefits for electricity and the environment in 2020.

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