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Micro and Nano Technologies for a new highly competitive European industry

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Coordinating micro- and nanotechnology research

An EU-funded project has made great progress towards coordinating micro- and nanotechnology (MNT) research activities in a bid to increase competitiveness within the sector.

Industrial Technologies

The consortium of the 'Micro and nano technologies for a new highly competitive European industry' (MNT-ERA.NET II) project has successfully promoted the convergence of MNT programmes, the streamlining of procedures and the efficient use of resources. It has also improved the coordination between funding programmes, research organisations and industries. These efforts will help reduce cross-European programme duplication and will help overcome barriers to entry. It will also be of value for regions and countries that are catching up in terms of research investment and performance. Innovative joint calls for collaborative projects were widely promoted during the project, and there was a particular focus on encouraging the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In total, 61 projects were funded worth some EUR 64 million, of which 42 million were provided through public funding programmes. At the end of the MNT-ERA.NET II project, a framework for sustained cooperation between partner organisations was achieved, that promises to have a lasting impact on existing and future national and regional MNT programmes.

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