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Furthering climate change research

If the world is to successfully address climate change, it must share knowledge on adapting to the phenomenon through long-term global cooperation. An EU project helped to fund research and share knowledge on climate change impact, vulnerability and adaptation.

Climate Change and Environment

The EU-funded CIRCLE-2 project looked at how to link scientific knowledge and policymaking through a common research agenda, joint foresight and funding activities, and the establishment of a European knowledge base on climate change. Project members established a research funding network to answer policy-relevant questions. They facilitated cooperation amongst relevant funding organisations and programmes, in addition to sharing knowledge and supporting stakeholders in adopting appropriate adaptation strategies and measures. CIRCLE-2 developed and continuously updated a Climate Adaptation InfoBase, connected to the EU's Climate-ADAPT platform that already contained over 1 100 adaptation research projects. To achieve this, several workshops and conferences were held on climate adaptation and impacts, as well as on science–policy dynamics and joint programming. Results were disseminated through the project website, reports, books ('Adaptation Inspiration'), articles, policy briefs, newsletters, brochures and social networks. A Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation (CCIVA) research agenda was designed to provide stakeholders involved in climate adaptation research with project members' joint strategic view. The agenda was based on areas that are necessary to drive knowledge on climate change, including water management in coastal areas, forest fires, mountain research and national adaptation strategies. Two transnational joint calls for CCIVA research projects were implemented, resulting in the funding of two proposals. Project members exchanged knowledge on CCIVA throughout Europe by sharing outcomes and evaluating gaps from completed and continuing research projects and programmes. They facilitated knowledge transfer on climate via a European science-and-policy platform for CCIVA research. Finally, the team evaluated the transferability of knowledge, data, methods and tools before making research results and adaptation strategies available within and outside of Europe. CIRCLE-2 is empowering Europe to better manage the risks and opportunities of climate change. Its outcomes will contribute to protecting human welfare, saving human lives, reducing public spending overlaps and preserving the environment.


Climate change, research, knowledge transfer

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