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European integration process in the new regional and global settings

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A boost for European integration

To ensure that Europe does not get left behind in global economic competition, an EU-funded project provided policymakers with a new perspective on the future of the European Single Market.

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Launched in 2010, the EU-funded project 'European integration process in the new regional and global settings' (EUINTEGRATIO) advanced debate and knowledge on the issue of European integration. A conference held in Poland during the country's six-month rotating EU presidency was organised by the Warsaw School of Economics in cooperation with the University of Gdansk and the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU. more than 250 experts from around Europe packed the conference, which served as an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, discuss current issues and propose future policy. The conference resulted in much collaborative work and many valuable reports. in terms of policy recommendations, delegates agreed on the importance of boosting cooperation between national governments and EU institutions in order to benefit from the European Single Market—a cornerstone of European economic integration and one of the main drivers of common growth. They also discussed the future of economic policy coordination and explored ways to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and reduce regional development disparities within the EU. EUINTEGRATIO partners highlighted the need to reconcile economic, social and environmental goals and diminish socioeconomic inequalities in all EU Member States. participants stressed the importance of the EU’s 10-year growth strategy known as Europe 2020. They discussed the conditions for a smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive type of growth, in order to attract investors, entrepreneurs and top talent in innovation and entrepreneurial activity to the EU. EUINTEGRATIO's work will play an important role in assisting policymakers to navigate the new regional and global setting and deliver policies that will keep Europe on the path of growth. The Polish Presidency effort to inform future EU policymaking decisions helped facilitate the sharing of information and networking among experts and stakeholders from politics, business and civil society.

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