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End User Requirement fOr Process heat Applications with Innovative Reactors for Sustainable energy supply

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Nuclear cogeneration: A new approach to nuclear power

The objective of the EU-funded Project was to prepare conditions for the development of a European industrial demonstrator of the coupling of a (V)HTR in a power cogeneration (heat and electricity) mode with process heat applications. Such new application of nuclear energy would allow saving large quantities of fossil fuel resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of industry.

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New nuclear power systems such as very high temperature reactors ((V)HTRs) have the potential to generate safe and efficient power in the form of heat and electricity. Coupling such a system with conventional industrial processes can save on fossil fuel use and considerably reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The EU-funded EUROPAIRS project was established to investigate the technical and economic boundary conditions of this coupling concept. The project received input from nuclear and process industries, as well as from researchers working on (V)HTR technologies. Team members investigated the capabilities of (V)HTR as a heat source for industrial processes, as well as specific end-user requirements. They also investigated economic, legal and safety issues around the development of this so-called nuclear cogeneration model. The information produced was then used to develop a demonstration model, which showed that the concept was economically and technologically viable in the medium term. Another output from the project was a roadmap for the communication and future deployment of the nuclear cogeneration strategy. EUROPAIRS concluded that with relatively little technological development, nuclear cogeneration is a feasible and desirable strategy for power and heat generation. The next step will be to develop an industrial prototype for testing purposes.

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