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MERMAID Conference on Multi-Use Offshore Platforms

The MERMAID Conference on Multi-Use Offshore Platforms will take place on 26 November in Brussels, Belgium.

26 November 2015 - 26 November 2015
Brussels, Belgium

The FP7-funded MERMAID project deals with the integration of various functionalities (energy production, aquaculture, shipping, etc.) into multi-use offshore platforms. The upcoming MERMAID end user conference will provide an opportunity for the offshore private sector, experts and other stakeholders to share ideas with the European science community. Participants can discuss and respond to the newest scientific developments, tools and experiences on these platforms from the MERMAID project and other related European projects such as TROPOS and H2OCEAN.

The results on multi-use offshore platforms will be presented in the plenary session. The afternoon break-out sessions allow a more face-to-face discussion with project partners, where exchanges of ideas and inquiry on the regional challenges will be possible. A panel discussion will close the conference.

For further information, please visit:
MERMAID Conference web page