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Open Science Training Workshop

The FOSTER consortium will hold an Open Science Training Workshop at the MARES Conference in Olhão, Portugal on 2 February 2016.

2 February 2016 - 2 February 2016
Olhão, Portugal

The half-day training event aims to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to open science by covering four topics: what is open science?; how to publish and select the correct channels in open science; practical steps for the submission of papers; and ‘demand-driven extras’, insights into open science.

The workshop is expected to appeal to researchers who want to further their careers with a grounding in the principles of open science. FOSTER is a coordination initiative that aims to support different stakeholders, especially young researchers, in adopting open access in the context of the European Research Area (ERA) and the open access policies and rules of participation set out for Horizon 2020.

For further information, please visit:
The FOSTER event notice page