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CORDIS Wire provides registered users with a simple interface to publish articles on the CORDIS News and Events service. All articles are moderated by CORDIS editors before publication.

Access to Wire

The service is free of charge; access to Wire requires a CORDIS account with the 'Wire contributor' checkbox enabled. If the checkbox was not enabled when the account was created, users can enable it by using the 'Update account' functionality.

Submitting your article

When submitting an article using the submit form, you must provide article details and article contact details. The default contact details are those of the contributor’s account. Events have the same details as News articles but also require a start and end date. Articles can currently only be submitted in English.

Revising or publishing your article

If your article does not meet the publication criteria or if something needs to be changed, the Wire moderator can request a revision and may also provide comments, which you will receive by email. After your revision, the article needs to be submitted again for moderation.

If your article meets the publication criteria, the moderator will approve it for publication and it will be available on the CORDIS website. You will receive an email with a link to your published news or event article.

The CORDIS Wire moderator aims to respond to submissions within two working days. Within reason, there are no limits to the number of submissions a contributor can make and having an article refused does not bar the contributor from submitting other articles.

Contributors can update their published articles and re-submit them for moderation.

Article workflow

During their lifecycle, articles go through the following statuses:

'Draft', or 'To be revised' → 'Submitted' → 'Published'

The workflow is represented below, with the actions available for contributors.

Wire Workflow simplified

The detailed WIRE workflow is also available (only in English)

All articles linked to a contributor are listed in the contributor's workspace.

Publication criteria and terms and conditions

We particularly welcome articles with a European angle. We will accept topical and newsworthy information related to innovation and research in its widest sense, such as:

  • EU framework programme projects
  • Academic and industrial research
  • SME projects
  • Events relating to EU programmes, European Research Area and other research and innovation issues
  • Services or infrastructures for the research and innovation community

Content that does not fulfil these criteria will be refused:

  • Subjects unrelated to European research or innovation
  • Commercial advertisements
  • Parochial information of interest to a very limited audience
  • Knowingly inaccurate information or copyright breaches
  • Defamatory or offensive content

We reserve the right to edit submissions for grammatical and spelling mistakes and to add thematic categorisations if required.

We make every effort to ensure that the service runs efficiently but we do not guarantee the level of service performance, we will not compensate for any breaks or loss in service and we cannot be held liable for any losses caused by fraudulent use of the service.

Last updated: 2016-06-22

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